Out of Africa

It’s hard to believe that I leave Africa in one week; even more difficult to think that nearly two and a half months have gone by. So here’s a wee update on what I’ve been up to:

I found a lovely house with three other American girls to crash in, and I’ve spent the days eating copious amounts of beans, rice and even a fresh salad from their organization’s shamba (farm). Protocol around here is to have a “houseboy” (yeah, laundry gettin’ done!) and a night guard. Our guard, Frank, carries around a homemade bow and arrow set. I feel so safe…

One of the women, Jayana, hooked me up with a small HIV project out in the same area when I had my homestay. I’ve been writing curriculum for them, translating their medical-jargoned HIV lecture into something teens can chew on. Tomorrow and Wednesday I head out to the village to train a group of people, and to dialouge with the organization about best practices. It’s fun work and I’ve had time to write and get out of Arusha (Saturday we headed out to the market town of Tangeroo for the day.) The project is in need of an LCD projector and a website–if anyone knows of someone who knows someone who can help out in either of these areas (I might have some Valhalla students on the website) your help is appreciated.

I head back to Dar es Salaam on Sunday, and fly to Mumbai, India on Monday. Once in India, I’m gonna hop a train straight to Pune and get in some yoga time. From there, the plan is to head south to Goa and take in the beach scene.

In case I wasn’t clear about how to access my pics, click the link at the bottom of where the pics are posted (lower right hand corner) or you can find me on Flickr.

To everyone headed back to school–I’m thinking of you!


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