Silver Cocktail Party!!

Come support The Volunteer Year!

Check out the flyer for details about the Silver Cocktail Party:

Wednesday, April 16th, Joe ‘n Andy’s in La Mesa, 5-7 p.m.

Monies raised go directly to fund the volunteer portion of The Volunteer Year


1 Response to “Silver Cocktail Party!!”

  1. 1 Rita Ryan Micklish
    April 10, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    Holy Cow—girl!!!!!
    I am amazed at this whole venture.
    I presumed you were planning another Poet Jam or converting another gangly teen boy into an actual reader AND WRITER…
    But no—you are leaving town with a bang!
    Well, so good!!!
    I am Aunt to two girls who spent years in a missionary event for their church.
    And I am great Aunt to a girl who is still in India and will return in two months after her year long service.
    I am glad you are not blood daughter to me, because I would throw a royal fit and find endless reasons why you should not take this- – risk.
    You know that word already, but it looms large in a mother’s mind…
    Adventure is to be coveted. And you will have that in plenty.
    Security is not a given, so you will accept that fact also.
    Satisfaction is the goal and dream, and it should come, either in little spurts
    or in lifelong emotions when you have done your good deeds, and come home.
    I want you safe. You are precious. You have the gift of inspiring the young.
    And, darlin’ that is rare.
    But I want to be at the party. And I will not spout maternal stuff. I promise.

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