Tickets, Baby, Tickets

It’s true. Two weeks ago I called my friendly STA (not to be confused with STD) travel agent and she quoted me a price far cheaper than what I had been finding elsewhere. Hesitant to hand over my hard earned cash (thank you, Sophomore Honors…) I clenched my teeth for four nights while sleeping, wondering if I was really going to commit myself and my money to this venture. I had already sold my juicer, so I figured, why the hell not?

Tuesday I called and bought the ticket: $1700 from LAX to Entebbe, Uganda on June 22nd, and from Tanzania to Kolcata, India somewhere in late August. I was even more excited when a new aquaintance told me that his flight to NZ was $2200. Damn, I’m good.

And yesterday…drum roll, please…I picked up my tickets! Paper tickets, mind you. I haven’t seen one of those since 1992. I’m already worried about loosing the buggers (5 of them–$50 each to replace!!).

When I told one of my friends I had purchased my ticket he said, “So you’re really going? I thought it was all just talk?” All talk? I guess he didn’t know about the juicer.


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